Cock Rings

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Arab Strap
Boost your performance and sensation with the traditional Arab Strap! This metal and leather concoct..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Cage of Hell Cock Restraint
Hell hath no fury... like a cock cage designed to torment you out of your mind with pleasure! Thi..
Ex Tax: £10.99
CB-6000 Male Chastity Device Kit Chrome
Get under lock and key the safe, secure and sexy way with the CB-6000 Chrome! Highly polished finish..
Ex Tax: £125.99
Clincher Cock Ring
Some cock rings are too tight, some are too loose, but the Clincher is always exactly the right size..
Ex Tax: £6.99
Clit Stimulators - Clit Stim B
It's nobodies' fault, but sometimes us girls just can't get the stimulation we need to orgasm during..
Ex Tax: £2.99
CyberSkin 3-Way Vibrating Cock Ring
This is an amazing, inventive toy and it's made a huge difference to the sex lifes of more than one ..
Ex Tax: £23.94
Doc Johnson UR3 Double Play Vibrating Cock Ring
This amazing cock ring from Doc Johnson is made from their legendary UR3 rubber and fits snugly arou..
Ex Tax: £17.95
Glassvibrations Glass Cockring - 4cm
Cock rings keep you harder for longer and this glass version will give you chills like never before...
Ex Tax: £17.99
Glitter Jelly Vibro Ring
The vibro ring is great for couples, but you may just want to play with it alone.. A cleverly des..
Ex Tax: £17.99
Leather & Metal Ball and Cock Ring
Perfect for mild BDSM, bondage, powerplay, or just for the experimental man wanting a rock hard erec..
Ex Tax: £6.99
Leather Anti-Erect Sheath
Not for the fainthearted, this toy comes with excellent recommendations from our kinky friends. B..
Ex Tax: £15.54
Leather Ball and Cock Ring
This essential piece of kinky kit, the Leather Ball and Cock Ring from With Your Permission is super..
Ex Tax: £11.99
Leather Cock Harness
Another great BSDM toy from bondage specialists Leather UK. Handmade to the highest specificatio..
Ex Tax: £10.99
Leather Lace Up Sheath
This lace up leather penis bondage sheath from With Your Permission provides a delicious way to pres..
Ex Tax: £14.99
Leather Space Shuttle Vibrating Cock Ring
This Space Shuttle Vibrating Cock Ring from the With Your Permission range features leather straps a..
Ex Tax: £22.74