Glass Dildos

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Doc Johnson Nirvana Glass Vibrator
WOW! It's glass and it vibrates!! Gorgeous design, just look at it- you can imagine what that wi..
Ex Tax: £35.49
Doc Johnson Peace Glass Vibrator
Gorgeous glass that has a bit more of a kick than the average dildo! This Peace Glass Vibrator f..
Ex Tax: £35.99
Doc Johnson Reflections Allure Glass Wand
A metallic sheen on this glass dildo from Doc Johnson gives it that finishing touch of luxury. Th..
Ex Tax: £64.99
Doc Johnson Reflections Cool Glass Wand
This Cool Glass Wand from the Doc Johnson Reflections range features the metallic sheen of luxury. ..
Ex Tax: £64.99
Doc Johnson Reflections Shimmer Glass Wand
Doc Johnson Reflections Shimmer Glass Dildo is specially coated with a metallic silvery sheen to all..
Ex Tax: £64.99
Glassvibrations Dragon Dildo
A fulfillingly sized glass dildo which features a clear main part for the shaft, decorated with colo..
Ex Tax: £32.49
Glassvibrations Man Dildo - Silver
This beautiful phallic black Man Dildo from Glassvibrations is intensely satisfying. With a shape..
Ex Tax: £38.95
Icicles 10-Function Glass Rabbit No 16
This beautifully hand crafted Glass Rabbit boasts 10 vibration modes. It can be heated or cooled ..
Ex Tax: £47.99
Icicles Blue Spiral Glass Penis Dildo No 9
This gorgeous Blue Spiral Glass Penis Dildo from the superb Icicles range will dazzle and amaze as m..
Ex Tax: £51.99
Icicles Blue Spiral Wave Glass Dildo No 8
Try this wavy blue spiral glass dildo from Icicles for more chills and thrills than you dare to drea..
Ex Tax: £51.99
Icicles Flower Curve G-Spot Glass Dildo No 21
Get pretty floral passion with this gorgeous glass dildo from the Icicles range! Inspired by erot..
Ex Tax: £70.99
Icicles Red & Blue Spiral Centre Glass Dildo No 22
A beautifully crafted glass dildo that will become a cherished work of art. Cool and bulbous for ..
Ex Tax: £85.99
Icicles Romantic Rose Glass Dildo No 12
A gorgeous, artistic Rose design glass dildo from the superb Icicles range. Use warmed up, cooled..
Ex Tax: £57.99
Icicles Rose Bump & Swirl Duo Glass Dildo No 6
Get this beautiful Icicles Rose Bump & Swirl Duo glass dildo for pleasurable sensations as you feel ..
Ex Tax: £51.99
Icicles Rose Double Ended Glass Dildo No 23
If it's a double ender you're looking for, try this one for size! This Icicles Rose Double Ended ..
Ex Tax: £70.99