Penis Pumps

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Adonis Head Exciter
The Adonis Head Exciter will provide vacuum stimulation to the head of the penis with ease. The E..
Ex Tax: £29.99
Andropenis Gold
AS SEEN IN THE SUN! This king of the penis extenders! The Andro is the only one of our penis e..
Ex Tax: £179.99
Doc Johnson P3 Pump
Another innovation from our Hollywood sex specialists, Doc Johnson. The P3 pump not only looks gr..
Ex Tax: £37.99
Doc Johnson Plunger Penis Pump
A high quality penis pump from Doc Johnson designed to create a powerful vacuum, with regular use yo..
Ex Tax: £39.99
Guardian & Its Keeper Penis Pump
This is one of our best selling pumps, and with good reason! Whether you're looking to use it to ext..
Ex Tax: £53.99
Jackmatic Pump
The Jackmatic pump, by American manufacturer Nasstoys, is genuinely one of the best pumps we have se..
Ex Tax: £34.49
Loving Joy Pump It Up Penis Pump
This amazing Pump It Up Penis Pump from Loving Joy can work wonders on your sex life. As you pump..
Ex Tax: £28.99
Male Edge Basic
The male edge is one of the only products of it's kind that really does actually work. Many peop..
Ex Tax: £149.99
Male Edge Pro
This device comes from the people, DanaMedic, who have helped over 100,000 men reach an amazing new ..
Ex Tax: £229.99
Penis Enlarger
Bodybuilding for your penis! Our best value penis pump, simply lube up, slip the eight inch tube ..
Ex Tax: £13.99
Power Up Penis Pump
The Power Up penis pump is in a league of its own - crafted along the same lines as the models that ..
Ex Tax: £52.99
PUMP WORX Travel Trio Pump Set
Enjoy every comfort of home when you're on the road with the amazing Travel Trio Pump Set. This port..
Ex Tax: £59.99
Pump Worx Vibrating Waterproof Wall Banger Pump
This unique pump is designed to give you ultimate pleasure - in the shower or bath! Use the power..
Ex Tax: £69.99
Quick Draw Pump
Get maximum results for minimum effort with the Quick Draw Pump. Comes with a pistol grip to crea..
Ex Tax: £44.99
Toy Joy Pressure Pleasure Pump - Black
Most of us have at some time or other looked down at our penises and thought "What would this look l..
Ex Tax: £17.99